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Writing to Remember and to Warn

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Winston Smith's Page

Winston Smith opens up a diary and starts writing even though it is illegal to do such a thing. In this video he states his feelings about Big Brother and the Party and how the only way to rebel is with the help of the proles. He is also writing a letter to the future, telling them how life is in his world of 1984.

Winston's Online Blog

May 2nd, 1984

The Party is out of control. Everyday I find another way to hate them. For example, I met a girl named Julia. She's young beautiful and mysterious. She works in the Ministry but now we can't be with each other without sneaking around in the woods, because I am technically married. Big brother is looking at me right now, I wonder if he knows about the Brotherhood, a rebel group. I recently joined and got a copy of Goldstein's book. I know I'll get caught by the Thought Police, but it's a risk worth taking. Well, I have to do my physical jerks now, bye.



May 6th, 1984

After working at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history, I went to go meet up with Julia. I miss her so much. Just as I felt we couldn't be anywhere without telescreens and hidden microphones following us, we found a place. It is right above a shop owned by Mr. Charrington. Now, Julia and I can have our sexual relationship without annoying spies. I cannot stand that every step I take I can see a sign that say, "Big Brother is Watching You." I wait for the day that I meet up with O'Brien again to rebel.




What will the FUTURE bring?