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Writing to Remember and to Warn

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More Predictions for Our Future

Family Life

1. Parents will be able to pick what their child’s genes are

2. There will not be an Social Security left for families who have retired

3. The roles of women and men in a family will be rearranged, therefore the men and woman take turn in taking care of the children and working. Men are not the head of a household

4. Having a family will be very hard, because of cheating, and a person would have an average of 3 marriages a person.

5. The birth rate will lower because it will be harder to support a family

6. Poverty and drug abuse will increase.


1. Wireless internet can be found everywhere

2. Only hybrid cars will be made

3. New machines and others valuable programs for computers will be made

4. People will only send mail through packaging

5. NASAA will find a way to get to Mars

6. New security systems


1. Doctors will find cures for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s

2. There will be a way to get painless surgery

3. No one will use glasses and they will get eye laser surgery

4. Obesity will continue to increase

5. Pollution


1. Less people will attend religious services every year because they are too busy

2. Many people won’t have a religion


1. Democracy will still be in place in the US

2. Other countries will strive for democracy bring out civil wars

3. The government will be able to go through any private documents

4. Freedoms will be taken away for security

5. There will be a female president and black president

What will the FUTURE bring?