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Writing to Remember and to Warn

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Orwell's Predictions

Orwell predicated different and strange things for the 20th century, for instance telescreens watching us, Big Brother, totalitarianism, and no freedoms in our minds and bodies. He based his predictions on the Cold War, Communist Parties taking over,Stalin's reign in Soviet Union and of course television's increase in popularity.But the question is, were his predictions right? Here are some real events and facts of the 1980's:

Political correctness became a concern in mainstream politics.
Gay issues became public.
Women began working more.
Divorce became Widely accepted in Western Countries.
Opposition of nuclear power plants increased.
There became a greater awareness of drug.physical, and environmental abuse.
Rapid developments in numerous sectors of technology.
-personal computer, electronic gaming systems, the first commercially available hand-held mobile phones,and new audio and data storage technologies
Video games and televisions became popular.
Soviet union were still living under Communist Control.
Many countries become anti-communist.
Iran hostage Crisis.
Wars between Iran and Iraq and other civil wars cause millions of deahts.
1/3 of the worlds population lived under communist government
-former Russian and Chinese empires

Although Orwell's predictions of the future didn't match up with the 1980s, we now come to realize that it just took a little more time for them to come true. Now we see how Winston's life can be related to our lives in 2008.
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What will the FUTURE bring?