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Writing to Remember and to Warn

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Global-Warming Facts



1. Current greenhouse gas levels are far higher than for the previous 650,000 years!

2. Global warming produces severe weather and rising seas.

Warming oceans and melting ice have caused the sea level to rise at a rate unprecedented in the last 3000 years. Other changes associated with warming include increased incidences of drought, flooding, heat waves, and intense cyclones.


3. By 2100, global temperatures will increase another 2 to 11 F. Increases are predicted in heat waves, drought, intense cyclones, and loss of coastal and low areas. Effects of global warming include:

1. Increase is predicted in heat waves, drought, intense cyclones, and loss of coastal and low areas.
2. Impact on habitats, leading to extinction of animal species.
3. Warming of oceans and melting ice, causing the sea level to rise at a extraordinary rate.
4. Increase in disease due to droughts and floods.

Other impacts damaging the Earth today are over population, the chopping down of millions of trees, acid rain, and deforestation. All of these problems keep getting worse and are impacting animals and Earth without us even knowing. Pollution from factories, cars, and waste lands are creating an unhealthy environment for people.

How to help the environment during everyday actions:
1. Bring your own clothing bad when you shop
2. Re-use and recycle
3. Use cold water when using the washing machine
4. Use a reusable bottle for water
5. Get rid of clutter
6. Use less paper
7. Use your car less or get a hybrid car

50 things you can do to stop global warming

Global Warming Effects Map

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